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Orinally titled Last Man in Europe it was renamed Nineteen Ehty-Four for unknown reasons, possibly a mere reversal of the last two dits of the year it was written.

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The plotline is pretty much lifted wholesale from Swan Song, with a supernaturally gifted youngster leading a ragtag pack of survivors to a US president hiding in a mountain base.

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College admissions at the nation’s most elite schools are more competitive than ever.

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It’s an intimidating task to boil down your entire professional life into one paragraph that’s clear, concise, and works for you.

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As the middle child, Jan Brady is insecure and demonstrates a negative self-perception: she feels inferior to Marcia, who embodies the qualities of the "ideal" teenager and to Cindy, the "innocent" child and center of the family's attentions.

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I wish to begin my remarks today with an expression of gratitude to the academic administrators on campus.

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One question that a lot of beginning programmers have is: "Now that I've created my application in the IDE, how do I get it to work from the command line outside of the IDE." Similarly, someone mht ask, "How do I distribute this application to other users without having to give them the whole IDE as well?

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Page updated Introduction to the Working Papers series published by the Treasury which contains work in progress and research on a variety of economic, financial, trade and social issues.